Fund your business growth, acquisition, working capital, or other needs with creative financing up to and exceeding $250k. We are agile, responsive and easy to work with. Our goal is to ensure capable entrepreneurs like you have the financing needed to grow your business.

Why finance with us?

We find ways to get to “Yes” for small business loans up to $250,000.

We are a non-traditional small business financing option for growing businesses and emerging start-ups. We are designed and able to lend outside the parameters of conventional business financing to ensure entrepreneurs with viable projects get the funding they need. We work in collaboration with banks, economic development lenders, investors, and others to get projects funded.

A long-term strategic partner in achieving your goals.

Our staff comes with entrepreneurial experience and understands small business. Our staff works purposefully to align services, resources, and financing specific to your goals. We don’t just make a loan; we invest time and resources into your long-term success as an entrepreneur. What’s the difference? Our clients grow revenues and jobs at a pace that exceeds their peers.

Strengthen & grow your bank relationship.

Your banker wants to help you; but you may not be eligible for bank financing, or you may only qualify for partial financing. Your banker can strengthen their ability to lend by having the Entrepreneur Fund take a portion of your loan request. We will help guide you on your way into a bank’s full line of products and services.

Working with the Entrepreneur Fund is giving back to your community.

We provide financing and strategic support to help entrepreneurs succeed across our 11-county service area in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. We believe that each successful entrepreneur contributes directly to the vitality of the communities we serve, enhances a culture of entrepreneurship in our region, and diversifies our regional economy. A loan that is successfully repaid to the Entrepreneur Fund enables us to sustain our operations and provide services to other entrepreneurs in our communities.

Your Next Step

We serve both new and seasoned entrepreneurs who are located within our service area of northeastern Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Get Started Now >>