Grow Your Business.

Grow your business with the Greenstone Group.
Because growth is the only way forward. 

CEO. President. Chief Coffee Maker. Whatever your title, as an entrepreneur, you have one overriding goal for your company: growth. 

Without growth, your business will become a statistic. 

Working with over 125 experienced entrepreneurs in the region, Greenstone Group provides support designed to improve entrepreneurial skills, navigate growth, and enhance effectiveness as CEO. 

The Greenstone Group support offers you the opportunity to:

  • Meet  with a personal business performance coach individually 
  • Develop and continuously improve your entrepreneurial skills
  • Engage with entrepreneurs in the region.
  • Create an actionable plan for business growth
  • Learn a structured approach to change management
  • Understand how to diversify your markets, products and services
  • Recognize and adapt to changing market forces
  • Grow personally in your role as CEO

The Greenstone Group, an initiative launched by the Entrepreneur Fund in 2008, seeks to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial talent in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.  Greenstone Group will provide support and resources to 500 growth-oriented entrepreneurs in the region by 2018. 

Entrepreneurs seeking long-term growth receive a variety of services and become part of a regional entrepreneur network to spur entrepreneurial success in the region.