Entrepreneur Fund seeks Development Coordinator

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Job Title: Development Coordinator

Reports to: Development Manager FLSA

Status: Full-time

Location: Duluth, MN

The Entrepreneur Fund is a 501c3 economic development organization committed to growing the regional economy by boosting the abilities of the region’s business owners seeking growth. We actively partner with small business owners to grow their business. We envision a regional economy and vibrant communities that are created and sustained by entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur Fund does this by providing small business loans up to $750,000 and a variety of services to support entrepreneurs in meeting their goals. EF serves 17 counties of northeast Minnesota, central Minnesota, and northwest Wisconsin.

POSITION OVERVIEW The Entrepreneur Fund seeks a full-time Development Coordinator to organize and implement administrative systems to ensure an effective and efficient development effort. This role will be responsible for administrating the donor database, coordinating the donor solicitation process, processing gifts, planning and executing events, and maintaining our data collection systems.

Candidate Profile The right person will bring their exceptional organizational skills along with an enthusiasm for events, system organization, and having relationships with our wide variety of stakeholders that support small business in our region.

Required Talents, Skills, and abilities.

  • Organizational Skills. The ability to keep timelines on schedule, event budgets in check, and run administrative functions like a well-oiled machine.
  • Event Planning – The ability to coordinate and execute a wide variety of regional events.
  • Attention to Detail & Technology Acumen. Mastering and improving software and technology for various organizational functions is essential to the role.
  • Relationship skills – The ability to connect with various donors, funders, stakeholders and find unique ways to meet exceptional customer service needs that align with donor goals and values.
  • Fundamental writing Skills – The ability to effectively write and communicate, using visuals & data, on grant reports to effectively communicate progress on grant goals & intent.

Preferred Background and experience

  • 1-3 years in fundraising or development.
  • 1-3 years in event planning OR
  • 3+ years in a similar/related role requiring strong organizational, planning, and relationship skills.
  • Proficiency in donor software and development best practices.
  • A passion for small business, entrepreneurs, and the communities EF serves.

Measures of Success:

  • An effective and efficient development function including: o An accurate and effective donor database system. o Well-executed events to support our development goals. o Donors who are satisfied with the transaction and acknowledgment of their gift(s). o Volunteers who have the support & communication they need to fulfill their service.
  • Accurate and up-to-date data in software systems that produces meaningful reports for:

o Grant activity requirements. o Program evaluation. o Impact measurement o List & Contact Management


  • Organize and execute administrative systems to ensure an effective and efficient development effort (20%). This includes:

o Recording, processing, and acknowledging gifts. o Responding to donor inquiries. o Maintaining and managing donor database.

  • Coordinate the donor prospect identification, qualification, and solicitation process with CEO, Campaign Chair, and volunteers (30%). This includes:

o Playing a support role in orchestrating solicitation visits. Supporting volunteers or staff

with materials and logistics for successful visits & follow-up. o Capturing and inputting notes from visits, next steps, etc and ensuring follow-up. o Checking in with volunteer or staff following key dates. o Managing and updating donor and prospect lists.

  • Coordinating & inputting data collection for our CRM software (Outcome Tracker), Loan Software (Spark), and Marketing Software (Hubspot). (30%) This includes:

o Inputting training rosters & customer enrollment forms (Outcome Tracker) o Creating regular data reports for grant performance, internal, or external purposes. o Administering client surveys. o Cleaning up and verifying data with appropriate staff and clients.

  • Lead and implement event planning for all development related events & meetings (15%). This includes:

o Steering committee & volunteer engagement events. o Community impact & awareness events in region. o Donor recognition events

  • Writing and completing grant or fundraising reports, as directed (5%).

Entrepreneur Fund Core Values: Get things done

  • Be organized & efficient
  • Work hard – persist & maintain your focus.
  • Stay focused
  • Ask for help before the end.

Mutually commit

  • Commit to the committed – customers, staff, communities, and partners.
  • Commitment is demonstrated, not perceived.

o Give everyone a chance to show it. o Believe what they show you o Do your part.

  • Expect lasting results from relationships.
  • Have the hard conversations.

Effective teamwork

  • Take great satisfaction in meeting team goals.
  • Strive for team excellence – suggest improvements, learn from failures.
  • Organizational strength is fortified through each member’s performance.
  • Keep your communication open, genuine, and honest.
  • No blame or disrespect.
  • Celebrate our wins and give specific praise.

Commit to the Greater Good

  • Impact is our motivator: entrepreneurs & community.
  • Do what is better for the whole
  • Shine a light on real progress.
  • Be of service to change-makers & doers.
  • Walk away from the toxic.

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About The Entrepreneur Fund

The Entrepreneur Fund is the resource for entrepreneurs in northeast Minnesota, central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. The Entrepreneur Fund has fueled more than 14,000 businesses with expert support and funded over $48 million in loans since 1989. The Entrepreneur Fund is dedicated to strengthening entrepreneurship in the region, while also supporting and increasing economic development. Through this strategic approach, the Entrepreneur Fund promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and helps create economic wealth and diversity in northeast Minnesota, central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. For more information, visit EntrepreneurFund.org.