Entrepreneur Fund Seeks Grant Writer

The Entrepreneur Fund is an economic development organization committed to growing the regional economy by boosting the abilities of the region’s business owners seeking growth. We actively partner with small business owners to grow their business. EF provides small business loans up to $750,000 and a variety of services to support entrepreneurs in meeting their goals. EF serves 17 counties of northeast Minnesota, central Minnesota, and northwest Wisconsin. Our vision is to have vibrant communities that are created and sustained by entrepreneurs.


The Entrepreneur Fund seeks a full-time Grant Writer to be the primary grant writer, fully execute grant cycles, and maintain a robust data collection process. This role will be immersed in the on-going strategies and activities the Entrepreneur Fund uses to grow small businesses, support entrepreneurs, and build entrepreneurial communities. This role has the purpose of growing our stable base of organizational funding, exceeding funder expectations, and ensuring the organization can communicate effectively about activities and impact with strong data and stories.

Candidate Profile

The right person will have a passion and curiosity for entrepreneurship, small business, economic growth & community vitality. They will bring exceptional writing skills and an interest in research or evaluation that measures short and long-term impacts. They will bring an ability to project manage and will find satisfaction in securing resources that provides opportunities for small business and community development in the region. They will bring an innate ability to highlight stories and communicate the essence of the Entrepreneur Fund, through writing and data, about how individuals and places transform through entrepreneurship.

Measures of Success:

  • Applications funded that meet or exceed organizational budget requirements.
  • 100% funder compliance and timeliness of funder reports.
  • Accurate and complete internal reports –grant performance, activities, and demographics.

Required Talents & Skills

  • The ability to write in a manner that is concise, vivid, and compelling through effective storytelling and data. The ability to pair creative, engaging narrative with technical information.
  • Research, Analytical, and numbers orientation. Data, evaluation, and research driven. Naturally curious and understanding of the scientific method in understanding, affecting, and measuring social and economic needs. Requires the ability to understand community and small business needs and challenges in a larger context of community health, small business, and economic development research.
  • Project management. The ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. Must have the ability to impose structure, plan, and set-up recurring routines with a focus on timelines and deadlines. Can deliver complete, quality deliverables early or on time in a consistent manner.
  • Adaptability. The ability to respond to changes in the environment and situations in which short time frames for submitting grant proposals come up. Can understand various stakeholder needs, perspectives, and have an ability to adjust to these different contexts.
  • Relationships. The ability to understand and communicate to funder perspectives and desired impacts through interpersonal communication, writing, and reports.
  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and effectively interpret government grant criteria & regulations
  • Ability to interpret foundation criteria, values, and intentions.
  • Ability to construct timelines, and activities for grant applications and reports.
  • Ability to analyze and understand grant budgets, operational costs, and organizational funding.
  • Proficiency in database or non-profit data collection software. Must be able to understand, master, and utilize software to ensure inputs result in the desired outputs for meaningful activity and demographic reports.

Preferred Background and experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in marketing, English, communication, urban planning, or sciences is preferred.
  • A background in small business, economic development, community development, or urban planning is preferred.
  • A proven record of accomplishment in writing grants, research, or other applications that has successfully secured funding.
  • Proficiency in non-profit data collection/evaluation and software systems such as MS Access, Outcome Tracker, or SalesForce is preferred.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Grant Writing: 1 year


  • Bachelor’s

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About The Entrepreneur Fund

The Entrepreneur Fund is the resource for entrepreneurs in northeast Minnesota, central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. The Entrepreneur Fund has fueled more than 14,000 businesses with expert support and funded over $48 million in loans since 1989. The Entrepreneur Fund is dedicated to strengthening entrepreneurship in the region, while also supporting and increasing economic development. Through this strategic approach, the Entrepreneur Fund promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and helps create economic wealth and diversity in northeast Minnesota, central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. For more information, visit EntrepreneurFund.org.