Program Descriptions

Be Strategic: Grow Your Business

Be Strategic: Grow Your Business is a dynamic business training program designed to accelerate and ease the transition from small business owner to CEO. It’s targeted to established business owners who want to work on their business, not just in their business. The program provides a forum for owners to identify challenges and develop strategies and tools needed to fuel and propel businesses forward.


Have you tried to get clear, accurate financial statements, or are struggling with persistent HR issues? Are you having trouble mastering social media? E-Essentials provides small business owners with an effective way to master operational systems for critical areas: Financial Management, Marketing, Social Media and Human Resources.

The Entrepreneur Fund has designed a process to build a full understanding of these key areas, set and meet key milestones, and bring in a qualified professional consultant to lead you to each milestone.

Mastermind Groups

Looking to move to the next level of leadership?  Want a network of business-savvy peers to grow with?  Mastermind Groups are a proven, national platform fostering next-level thinking for business owners and leaders. These facilitated peer groups provide business owners with the opportunity to work on business challenges and strategies through brainstorming, education, accountability and the support of experienced peers.

Owners and leaders find Mastermind Groups are a confidential place to seek the guidance of peers and an opportunity to sharpen business skills and gain confidence as a leader. The group, facilitated in a roundtable format, requires commitment and the willingness to be creative and supportive of each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

The strength of a Mastermind Group is the peer-to-peer network that comes from sharing experiences; participants are offered a fresh and different perspective to solve problems, make decisions, receive critical insights and be held accountable to action plans.  Entrepreneur Fund Mastermind Groups are a one-year commitment.

Financing at the Opportune Time

In 2010, Kelly Klun, owner of Klun Law in Ely, had the opportunity to purchase a building that was once her grandfather’s grocery store. She had always wanted to run another business, so she partnered with a friend with the goal of opening a café – though she knew, as she puts it, “The restaurant business is not easy.”