Business Advising


Advisors with entrepreneurial experience provide insight and tools to help business owners maximize their opportunities for growth and success. Our Business Advisors guide business owners through issues and solutions related to a variety of topics including: growth strategies, financial forecasting and analysis, loan packaging, human resources, talent management, performance management and managing growth.

Business Advisors

Stephanie Williams
Business Advisor
Duluth & Iron Range
Char Conger
Business Advisor
Iron Range
Steve Surbaugh
Business Consultant
Cook County
John Acheson
Business Advisor
Sandi Larson
WBA Director
Sandy Voigt
WBA Director
Little Falls

Fueling Ongoing Growth

Though the long-term market for cleaning services is reliable, the business of providing them is rife with pitfalls like high overhead, fluctuating demand and drawn-out payment timelines. Servpro is the independent Twin Ports location of a national franchise offering cleaning services…