Small Business Relief Fund

Small Business Relief Fund

Ways to Support Small Businesses

The Entrepreneur Fund is urging everyone to support local retailers, restaurants and other businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our region’s small businesses are vital to providing core services and employing our friends, neighbors and families. You can show your continued support by:

  • Buying gift certificates to use in the future
  • Ordering delivery or carry-out options
  • Shop online – focus on local businesses before corporations
  • Tip a little more than usual
  • Encourage others to do the same

You can go above and beyond by providing a direct donation to the Entrepreneur Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund.


Full-Spectrum Growth Support

In 2003, Mary Ann Olson purchased Cabinet Corner & Home Center. The Entrepreneur Fund partnered with her bank to provide acquisition funding. Later, during the recession, Olson kept the business solvent – her mantra is “I did not buy this business to fail”...