Owners of Sunrise Bakery

Flexible Financing to Expand and Grow: Sunrise Bakery

Paul Forti, fourth generation owner of Sunrise Bakery in Hibbing, MN knew that something had to change in order for his family’s over 100-year-old business to survive. With a shifting economy and changing consumer preferences, “the way they’d always done it” wasn’t working anymore.

How can a longstanding, family-run bakery expand to attract a new generation of consumers?

Flexible, small business financing through the Entrepreneur Fund allowed Sunrise Bakery to:

  • Invest in a modern point of sale (POS) system
  • Understand the needs of a changing customer base
  • Combine multiple assets into a single LLC

The new POS system allowed Sunrise Bakery to get granular with sales and provided an inside view into the changing nature of retail. Increased donut and deli sales implied that customers wanted a restaurant experience. Today, Sunrise Bakery is working toward providing that experience and has relocated to a new facility with expanded seating, allowing customers to sit down and enjoy the bakery.

EFund Fact:
We can issue loans up to $750k, with more flexible lending requirements and usage terms than those offered by a traditional bank.

Full-Spectrum Growth Support

In 2003, Mary Ann Olson purchased Cabinet Corner & Home Center. The Entrepreneur Fund partnered with her bank to provide acquisition funding. Later, during the recession, Olson kept the business solvent – her mantra is “I did not buy this business to fail”...