Foundation-Building for the Future: The Tongue & Groove Store

Ann and Kyle Anderson own The Tongue & Groove Store, formerly Northern Wholesale Millwork, manufacturing and selling solid wood products like flooring, paneling and trim molding. In 2012, the shop was busy, with the majority of their energy spent on day-to-day operations and “putting out fires,” as Ann put it, rather than on long-range planning for future growth.

“It’s really hard when you’re putting out fires all day to stop and say, ‘Am I really focusing on what I need to be focusing on for my future growth?’”

How can a small business balance everyday demands with the need to invest time and resources for future success?

With strategic services from the Entrepreneur Fund, The Tongue & Groove Store has been able to:

  • Strengthen and streamline operations by standardizing hiring procedures
  • Connect with a network of business-owner peers
  • Build a stronger foundation for future growth with structured planning, expert resources and accountability

The Tongue & Groove Store is planning a major building expansion and enjoying the benefits of streamlined operations.

EFund Fact:
We equip entrepreneurs for success at every stage – from startup to scaling – with structured, strategic expert support.

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