Team at Syvantis

Grow Your Business by Investing in Talent: Syvantis Technologies

In today’s fast-paced digital world, accessing cloud technology is essential. Syvantis Technologies, a managed services technology provider based in Baxter, MN, is focused on providing integrated, industry-specific cloud services to companies across the United States. But with all the company’s assets in the cloud, collateralized financing from a traditional bank wasn’t an option.

How can a rapidly growing technology firm in rural Minnesota attract and retain the industry’s best talent?

Flexible financing from the Entrepreneur Fund helped Syvantis to:

  • Add value to the company during a time of fast growth
  • Invest in training and development opportunities for a highly specialized team
  • Hire and train several talented new team members

Syvantis is one of central Minnesota’s top employers, providing high-quality, professional jobs for college graduates. With financing dedicated to training, Syvantis can focus on attracting and retaining the region’s top talent. When you’re willing to invest in your staff, your staff is willing to invest in your company.

EFund Fact:
We can issue loans up to $750k (and partner on higher amounts), with more flexible lending requirements and usage terms than those offered by a traditional bank.

Foundation Financing

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