Growth Financing and Guidance: Mutch’s Forestry Service

In 2009, Mutch’s Forestry Service was Jake Mutchler’s dream. After being turned down by a traditional bank, he turned to and was able to obtain startup financing from the Entrepreneur Fund. Mutch’s started with Jake and two employees doing consulting forestry for private landowners as well as timber sales and inventory for the state, county and U.S. Forest Service. By 2011, he was overbooked and out of room.

How can a fledgling business add capacity in order to continue to grow?

“The Entrepreneur Fund was more than willing to do whatever I needed to do,” Mutchler says. “I would definitely recommend them as a resource.” He worked with the Entrepreneur Fund to finance his business’s much needed expansion, which enabled him to:

  • Build a new facility with an office and a well-equipped shop
  • Add staff to relieve the burden on existing employees and meet the growing demand for his business’s services
  • Expand the type and range of services he was able to offer

Now at ten employees “and still too busy,” Mutch’s Forestry Service is focusing on revenue optimization, shifting more of its attention to consulting forestry, which includes timber sales, management plans and custom mapping. If growth continues at its current pace, the company just might be in the market for a second round of expansion financing.

EFund Fact:
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Foundation Financing

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