Lifestone Owner

Rock-Solid Assisted Living in Duluth MN: Lifestone Health Care Assisted Living

Aging populations require specialized but caring medical attention. Dr. Chiamaka Enemuoh founded Lifestone Health Care Assisted Living in 2014 to provide clients with reliable, respectful and rock-solid health care in a home-like setting.

As a Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of experience in healthcare and an additional degree in Business Administration, Dr. Enemuoh provides exceptional hands-on care while running a successful business – and after just one year in operation, she needed a larger facility and staff to meet growing demand.

How can a busy medical professional find the support she needed to make her ambitious vision a reality?

Dr. Enemuoh began working with the Women’s Business Alliance in Duluth, forging connections and building a strong network of support that is essential to entrepreneurship. Those relationships led to accessing Entrepreneur Fund financing, which she used to purchase and renovate a new location for Lifestone Health Care Assisted Living. A Small Business Alliance (SBA) Microloan allowed Dr. Enemuoh to:

  • Expand into a new, 10-bed facility, increasing the number of patients who could receive care significantly
  • Grow her qualified team of caregivers and double annual gross revenue
  • Connect with like-minded women business owners

Thanks to Dr. Enemuoh’s dedication to excellence and hands-on leadership, Lifestone Health Care Assisted Living has become one of the Duluth area’s premier assisted living facilities. A highly qualified team is ready to tackle complex health needs to improve the quality of life for all in their care.

EFund Fact:
We offer SBA microloans from $5-50k. These loans are more flexible than traditional loans and come with structured business development services.

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