Scaling Strategically: Lakeside Gourmet

Lakeside Gourmet, a company offering artisan jams in flavors like Cranberry-Lemon and Serrano Pepper, began as a hobby for friends Brenda Jones and Colleen Fletcher. They would purchase jars a few dozen at a time. As the business thrived, they faced common logistical growing pains like distribution and accounting. But they were also hobbled by an invisible impediment: tunnel vision.

How can a hobby business scale into a multistate commercial enterprise?

You can’t fix a problem if you can’t see it. Fortunately, Jones and Fletcher joined the Entrepreneur Fund’s Be Strategic: Grow Your Business series, where they were challenged to think bigger, and were supplied with the strategy and technical knowledge they needed to transform their business. This expert support enabled Lakeside Gourmet to:

  • Streamline accounting and other operations logistics
  • Expand product line
  • Scale production volume and distribution capabilities to enable multistate sales

Lakeside Gourmet products are available in four states. The company won a 2012 Labo Award (Micro Entrepreneur Division) and now orders its jars 25,000 at a time

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