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You have an idea. a business. a dream. One of the most common barriers to business growth is the confidence of the entrepreneur behind it. It’s okay if you don’t have a business degree – 91% of entrepreneurs don’t! The 2022 Ignite Confidence Series will cover a range of topics that inspire a confident mindset, the skills and resources needed to grow your business and reach your goals. We know you have what it takes. Each webinar takes place from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

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Webinar Schedule, Speakers & Topics:

Wednesday, April 20: What’s Passion Got to Do With It?

Every individual has unique talents, skills, and interests, as does every business or organization. Each provides a unique value to its customers and to the world. That unique value is the company’s purpose for being. When you allow individuals to share their unique gifts to contribute to the company’s purpose you create a culture of success. It speaks to increased engagement in your organization. Learn how to help your company or organization reach peak success by infusing it with passion!

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why passion is important in the workplace
  • How to increase employee engagement in your organization
  • How to create a culture of success
  • How passion attracts customers and employees
  • The process of creating a passionate culture in your organization

with LuAnn Buechler

CMP, Passionate Business Owner, Business Coach, Speaker and Master Trainer

Passionate about everything she does. LuAnn uses her unique personality and experiences to relate to her audiences in delivering passionate presentations that inspire people to achieve the success they desire in business and in life, by helping them Live their personal SPARK!  

Wednesday, May 11: Attracting & Retaining Employees – Why Business Culture Matters

Hiring employees and retaining your employees are growing challenges for businesses as the demand for employees increases and the workforce growth is not keeping pace. How can you attract quality employees and get them to stay? Business culture matters!

Join us as Sandi Larson, Entrepreneur Fund’s Women’s Business Alliance North’s Director Discusses business culture, shares how business culture relates to recruitment and retention, and strategies you can implement to attract and retain employees. She will be joined by small business owners Elizabeth Chapman and Anna Anderson of Art Unlimited who will share what they have done to create a culture that attracts job seekers and retains their employees.

with Sandi Larson

Director of Women’s Business Alliance – North

Sandi works one-on-one advising to entrepreneurs who want to start a business, grow their business, or need assistance with specific business issues such as cash flow, marketing, or managing a business. She holds master’s degree focusing on Organizational Leadership and Community Engagement with an emphasis on business culture, why it is important for small business owners and how they can develop a positive business culture.

Wednesday, June 15: How to Stop the Scroll & Attract Your Customer Online

  • Learn how to capture the attention of your ideal client online 
  • Discover how to create content that your clients get excited about  
  • Get a framework on how to create content topics so you never worry about what to post 
  • Identify an irresistible lead magnet for your business so that you can convert prospects into email subscribers  
  • Map out your messaging so that you can easily do this on repeat 

with Kristine Schwartz

Owner of Reinvent Your Hustle, Digital Offer & Marketing Coach

Kristine activates female, impact-driven brands confidently connect their niche to their unique digital offers, messaging & marketing roadmaps in repeatable & profitable ways so they can sell out their offers authentically …all with the foundation of elevating the customer experience & understanding the psychology of the customer journey. 

Wednesday, July 20: Building Business Confidence Through Numbers

Let’s take the fear out of numbers. It’s common for small business owners to not know how to do their numbers, not understanding their numbers and not wanting to admit that they just don’t know. You are not alone! That’s why our Entrepreneur Fund business number gurus are ready to share their top resources for building your confidence through numbers:

  • Why financials are important to growing your business
  • Understanding your financial statement and profit & loss statement
  • Review of interactive resources to help you grow your confidence

with Joan Kane

Entrepreneur Fund Accounting Advisor

Joan Kane is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and the Accounting Advisor at the Entrepreneur Fund. As a small business owner and former certified trainer, she is passionate about knowledge sharing and equipping entrepreneurs with functional skills in bookkeeping and financial reporting. When she’s not crunching numbers, chances are her nose is either over a cutting board or stuck in a book.

and Miranda Kishel

Entrepreneur Fund Business Developer

Miranda has a Master of Business Administration in Organizational Strategy, a Bachelor of Arts in Finance, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and the NACVA’s Certified Valuation Analyst designation. She often provides a combination of consulting, lending, and valuation services to small business owners across northern Minnesota’s Iron Range. 

Wednesday, August 17: Asking for a Loan – You’re Not Alone

Capital is a critical tool for growing a business. It’s a tool is often underutilized and can be misunderstood, especially among women entrepreneurs. It’s proven women business owners consistently ask for less loans and ask for less money. Asking for money can feel intimidating but we want you to know that you are not alone. You have partners across the region who want to help you access the capital you need to grow your confidence and your business.

In this webinar learn about:

  • When to ask for a small business loan
  • The process of applying for a loan
  • What types of loans are available in our region
  • Resources to help you access capital

with Michael Lattery

Entrepreneur Fund Director of Business Finance

Michael leads the Entrepreneur Fund Lending team with a true understanding of the unmet needs for the type of capital the Entrepreneur Fund provides to small business owners. He and his team of 17 outstanding professionals partner with entrepreneurs to find creative capital solutions to meet their business goals.

In the past 2 years, his team originated more than 1,200 small business loans supporting our regions business owners. The EF loan portfolio today is approximately $50 million.

and Stephanie Williams

Entrepreneur Fund Business Advisor

Stephanie has a long history of working toward diversity and equity in the Northland. As a Business Advisor she continues to advocate for people of color in the Twin Ports. The vision of the entrepreneur fund is to have vibrant communities across our region that are created and sustained by entrepreneurs. She loves working for an organization that invests in diverse communities and believes that is how we ensure this community is vibrant. Stephanie is committed to providing support to see the business landscape reflect her community.

Wednesday, September 14: From Stressed to Focused – Mindset Strategies for Personal & Business Growth

How to increase meaningful results in business and personal life. Discover steps that increase your focus, productivity, network, and results.

Participants will:

  • Have the ability to move From Overwhelmed to FOCUSED on their business objectives.
  • Gain the knowledge of how to increase their motivation to achieve the results they desire.
  • Understand how to turn competition into collaboration.

with Yana Stockman

International Clarity Coach

Yana helps entrepreneurs take back control of their life set CLEAR GOALS and grow successful Businesses creating results.  

Yana has a Master’s in counseling. As a self-made entrepreneur, Yana knows about life transitions and how to start leading business and life from scratch by moving 5000 miles away from home with a 1suitcase and a backpack. She guides entrepreneurs through personal life transitions and professional changes while helping them gain clarity and confidence to achieve success.  


As an entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats. The Ignite Series is a resource to help you wear those hats well and inspire you through real world experience and connections with other entrepreneurs. Join us this year as we focus on the resources and skills that will help you grow your confidence as an entrepreneur and business owner.


All virtual Ignite Series events are recorded and can be accessed at any time.

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